After experimenting with the wikispaces tables option and having minimal success with controlling content format and cell width
I experimented with the column menu item to "make header" . This is activated by clicking inside the column,
then on the table icon which pops up, then in the column menu item you will see the header option.

Once this was selected I inserted the text 'header' and typed in the letter 'h' which spaced out the table columns allowing
the table to have even columns with a header space between each one.

I then highlighted the letter and using the text tool changed the colour to white. This allowed the letter to hold an
even space between each column but remain invisible. If a larger space is required between each column it would
simply be a matter of inserting more letters.

Using a graphic to create evenly spaced columns in tables
If all graphics placed within the columns are of even width and height, the result is evenly spaced and sized columns.
Visually I prefer a balanced table and the Wikispaces team are currently working on making their tables more 'user friendly'
so I anticipate this fiddling won't be necessary in the future. The next experiment will be researching how to edit the
html to add shading to the cells !!!!

link 1
link 2
link 3

Hiding the Border Lines of a Table I located this great hint at 'getting tricky with wikis"
Put this script on a page (in an embed widget box - 'Other HTML') and all tables made on the page will have invisible border lines.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
 document.write('<style type="text/css">.wiki td {border-width: 0px;} <\/style>')
Open links in a new window
Sometimes you don't want people to navigate away from your page when they click on your links.

1. Click on the embed widget button and go to 'Other HTML'.
2. Copy and paste the following code.

<a href="" target="_blank">thetexttolink</a>
3. Substitute your own url where I have written
4. Substitute the text for the link as you want it to appear on your page where I have written 'thetextolink'

You do not need to write the text for the link on your page - it will automatically appear as above.

Open in a new pop up window:
Click the link below and the new page will pop up on top of this page.
[[javascript:newPopup('');|Cool Tools for schools]]
Here is the code. You need to change your url location and the settings for the window.
<span style="height: 222px; width: 695px;"><script type="text/javascript">
// Popup window code
function newPopup(url) {
 popupWindow =
</script><a href="JavaScript:newPopup('');">Open a popup window</a>[[media type="custom" key="7619983"]][[media type="custom" key="7620005"]]</span>